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Casa Gracia Non-Chartered School  (CGNC) Bokenkamp welcomes all who come to our campus including students, parents, volunteers, and visitors. Bokenkamp is located within the grounds of an Upbring Facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.   The school services students ages 5-18. 

Teachers provide an educational environment designed to fit our students’ unique needs. All students are newcomers and have little or no English proficiency, and limited or no formal education in their native countries. 

Our school inspires excellence, promote creative thought, and celebrates the cultural diversity of our students. Teachers provide a supportive environment to help our students acclimate to their new country. The school’s ultimate goal is the acquisition of academic language while promoting English as a Second Language skills in Reading, Math, Science, Social Studies.  Physical Education, Art classes, and wellness activities are also promoted within the curriculum.

Bokenkamp Staff

At Bokenkamp we have a dedicated team of passionate educators ready to guide our students to success!

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